Introducing FanSided 3.5 And A Newly Designed FanSided

Here at FanSided, we like to remain humble about the improvements that we are making as a Network. Personally, during my three years writing for FanSided, the network has grown to enormous lengths that include partnering with Sports Illustrated. Fansided is growing once again with the introduction of FanSided 3.5.

Before we dive into the details about FanSided 3.5, lets first talk about the newly designed No longer will FanSided exclusively feature sporting news. Instead, FanSided is expanding our coverage into the lifestyle and entertainment industries as well. In addition, on the left-hand side of the FanSided website, there is an “Around The Network” section that features articles from each of FanSided’s 230 sites.

That would be where Da Windy City comes into the factor. As anytime one of our staff writers publish a new article, it will be featured on the left-hand side of the FanSided website.

The improvements does not stop there. As you clicked into Da Windy City, you noticed that our homepage has been renovated. No longer do we have a specific section for “The Hub”. Instead, we have expanded our popular section with two columns next to the featured article. What that means is that you as the reader will have easier access to new content that is published daily at Da Windy City.


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