Top 5 White Sox bust prospects over the past 30 years

1)               Daryl Boston – OF

Back in 1983, then G.M. Roland Hemond let anyone who would listen know that Boston was going to be a star. White Sox scouts thought he would be a cross between Dave Winfield and Daryl Strawberry.

After 11 seasons as a journey man outfielder, he would only hit 83 career home runs.


2)               Mike Caruso – SS

He was the key piece to famous white flag trade of 1997. The White Sox front office thought so much of him that they built a whole marketing campaign around him going into the 1999 season. By the end of the 1999 season, the White Sox management didn’t think as highly of him and he was completely out of baseball by 2002.


3)               Joe Borchard – OF

If you would have listened to GM Kenny Williams when the White Sox drafted Borchard in 2000, you would have thought for sure he was going to be the next Mickey Mantle.

He supposedly had it all, with a great arm, big power and speed to burn. There was only one small problem; Joe couldn’t hit a breaking ball and by the time the season of 2007 came around, Joe was out of baseball.

But thanks to a then record signing bonus, Borchard left a very rich man.


4)               Scott Ruffcorn – LHP

The White Sox brass thought Ruffcorn was going to be their next great starting pitcher, but he was anything but that. His career started so well when he posted a record of 15 -3 in 1995 in triple A. Then when he got the big league promotion, it all went to hell. In just 9 career starts, he posted an ERA of 8.57 and was out of baseball by 1997.


5)               Chris Snopek – 3B

He was thought to be a possible 3B replacement for the soon to be free agent Robin Ventura way back in 1997. By the time the White Sox realized he wasn’t the next Ventura, Ventura was playing for the New York Mets.

By the end of 1999, Snopek was out of baseball all together

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