If DePaul Basketball ever wants to get serious, then it’s time to fire A.D. Jean Ponsetto

With the big announcement this week of the new basketball arena in the south loop of Chicago for the DePaul Blue Demons, one big issue has gotten lost. In all the political hub bub, everyone forgot that nobody really cares about DePaul basketball anymore.

If DePaul really wants to ever be taken serious again, then it’s time to fire athletic director Jean Ponsetto.

Ponsetto supporters will argue with you by saying she is a shrewd administrator, but she has also served on various NCAA committees throughout her long career. She has a long history with the school, graduating as a four sport athlete and being inducted in the university Hall of Fame in 2007.

They will also tell you she has made many strides within the university’s athletic department – including promoting various women’s sports to varsity and excellent academic records for student athletes.

I would like to tell those supporters that all of that is great, but women’s varsity sports don’t pay the bills. In today’s world of college athletics, athletic directors are judged by the success of revenue making sports and women’s varsity sports aren’t revenue makers.

The most important part of her job as the A.D. is the men’s basketball program. And if you look at the record of the men’s basketball team during the Ponsetto era, it will tell you one thing and one thing only and that she has failed miserably.

In eight seasons as a member of the Big East, arguably the most respected conference in men’s college basketball, the Blue Demons have a combined record of 27 – 113.

Don’t think for a minute that rival Big East schools like Georgetown and Villanova would put up with an eight year stretch like DePaul has. You would have to take a body count outside the athletic department doors if that ever happened at those two respected schools.

If DePaul University wants an usher in a supposed new era, it needs to start putting its athletic director’s head on a silver platter for its long suffering fan base.

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