Hawk and Paciorek still have great chemistry after all these years

With Tom Paciorek sitting in for the absent Steve Stone this weekend, it reminds me of how great Hawk and Wimpy were while tag teaming White Sox games together from 1991 to 1999.

We might not ever know what really happened between the two that forced the breakup years ago, but the one thing that was proven over this weekend is that they still have tremendous chemistry together.

Paciorek does one thing really well that Hawk side-kicks never have been able to do since, and that’s play off Harrelson’s rants and his never ending stories about Catfish Hunter, Carl Yastrzemski and Johnny Pesky.

Unlike Stone, I get the feeling Paciorek loves to sit back and talk about the great players from the past with Hawk. Saturday night towards the middle of the game, Wimpy and Hawk started telling Ralph Garr stories. You can hear the love of the game in both of their voices.

Paciorek also understands that Hawk has a big ego and doesn’t let it get in the way of the broadcast like Stone has in the past.


That’s really been the problem between Hawk and Stone since they have started calling games together in 2009. Hawk believes he knows more about baseball than anyone on Earth and so does Stone.

That’s why the personalities have clashed on and off the air the past couple of seasons.

If you didn’t get the chance to listen to Hawk and Wimpy this weekend, then you really missed a great treat that simply doesn’t happen enough.

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