Simply put, it’s been 8 months of hell for Carlos Marmol

If you take time to look a little closer and you just might see why Cubs relief pitcher Carlos Marmol has struggled so badly on the playing field this year.

Once you take that time, you just might understand what is leading to the struggles of this one time All Star closer and why he has stumbled so badly in 2013.

It really all started back in October of 2012 when Marmol gave a woman a ride home one day. She would later claim he tried to have sex with her. The accuser never filed criminal charges against him, but she did file a civil case. The amount she is now suing him for is unknown.

Before Friday’s Cubs-Mets game at Wrigley Field, Marmol said, “They tried to get money from me. But I didn’t do anything. I don’t have to pay for anything.”

Then a month later in November, it appeared that Marmol would be traded to the LA Angels for veteran right handed starter Dan Haren.

The trade looked like it was all but done, that even Marmol tweeted saying he looked forward to pitching for the Angels. But at the very last moment, the deal blew up between the two organizations and Marmol was stuck with a team that really didn’t want him.

Things didn’t get any better once spring training started. He struggled so badly in the spring that some of the reports coming out of Arizona were that he might just lose his closers job. But Cubs manager Dale Sveum stuck with Marmol as his closer as the team headed to Pittsburgh for opening day.

Marmol struggled so badly that by the end of the first week of the season he lost his closers job completely.

Now we fast forward to the middle of May, just when it looked like Marmol’s head was back on straight. News came out that Marmol was meeting with his agents in the lobby of his apartment when a neighbor overheard him telling his agents that he wants out of Chicago.

The neighbor tweeted the overheard information along with pictures of him and his agents meeting together.

“It’s not true,” said Marmol, “I don’t want to go anywhere. I can’t wait for the Cubs to do something so I can stay here. I love Chicago. I love being here. I love my teammates. I love everybody here.

Whether it’s true or not really doesn’t matter. The truth is you have a struggling one time very good relief pitcher who seems to get booed every chance Cubs fans get.

It also appears that with Marmol sporting an ERA of 5.40, his trade value isn’t going to get any better any time soon. So I say the Cubs front office should do Marmol a favor and cut him loose. Let Carlos go to the American League where he can get his career back on track and more importantly it will allow him get his head and his mind straight.

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