Travis Wood is quietly a great story on the North Side of town

Overall, when you’ve basically spent the whole season in last place, there are very few good stories in for a baseball team. But lately there have been a few for the Chicago Cubs.

Anthony Rizzo signing a team friendly contract earlier in the week was one. Another is how it appears Tom Ricketts just might get his renovation of Wrigley Field.

But the feel good story of all feel good stories that’s been lost in the shuffle at Wrigley Field is the success of lefthander Travis Wood.

Before being traded to the Cubs, Woods former team the Cincinnati Reds looked at him as no more than a roster filler, a player who only gets called up in case of an emergency.

After last season I have to admit, I thought the Reds assessment of Wood just might be right. The southpaw struggled mightily in 2012 with a record 6 wins and 13 losses.

But oh have things changed so far in 2013. In eight starts this season, Wood has made eight quality starts. Right now, his numbers look like Steve Carlton’s would have had in his prime, sporting an ERA of 2.03 with four wins.

Look Wood isn’t going to sustain an ERA of 2.03 or for that matter keep opponents hitting just .189, but he’s what every Cubs fan needs to get through another long season and that’s a good story.

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