Dec. 23, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA: Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte (22) leaves the game with an injury in the fourth quarter against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Bears defeated the Cardinals 28-13. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Forte and Being A Twitter Tough Guy

The Derrick Rose circus has now spilled into other sports . Throughout this past week, there were internet rumors that suggested that Rose might return for the Bulls on Friday in game 3 against the Heat. Rose did no such thing. That opened the door for the criticism of Rose to continue/

That is when Chicago Bears’ running back Matt Forte took to twitter to criticize the critics of Rose.

With that tweet, Forte was taking aim at all the fans that have been criticizing Rose in recent weeks for not returning from ACL surgery that he had performed in May of 2012. Forte was insinuating that since most fans are not professional athletes, then they do not have the right to speak on the Derrick Rose situation. Fair to say that Forte was also taking aim at media types that have come out and been critical of the Bulls’ point guard.

Picking up on Forte’s tweet, Marc Silverman of the “Waddle and Silvy” show broadcast on ESPN Radio 1000 engaged in a war of tweets with the Bears’ running back. Silverman’s first tweet reminded everyone of how “hush hush” the Bears were in the immediate days after quarterback Jay Cutler’s knee sprain in the 2010 NFC Championship game.

Forte did comment on Cutler’s injury, though it was one week after the injury happened. But Silverman did not stop there. Silerman than retaliated to Forte’s insinuation by suggesting that the running back focus on his on-the-field production as opposed to twitter.

Silverman was referring to the 2011 season, when Forte missed the final four games of the regular season with a knee injury but was able to play in the Pro Bowl. In a series of replies on twitter, Silverman also accurately called Forte the league’s 15th best running back.

That is when Forte crossed the lines of classy and suggested that Silverman was a twitter tough guy.

Forte did not stop there as the running back continued to insult Silverman on twitter.

Every individual–regardless of whether they are a fan or a professional athlete–is entitled to their opinion. That being said, there comes a point where one’s opinion makes the individual out to be closed minded.

That is what Forte’s twitter rant on Silverman–and fans–made the running back appear to be. Forte’s thought that Silverman can’t criticize a player since he’s never been a professional athlete is wrong on many levels. Silverman, as every member of the Sports’ media would do, was simply defending fans and other non-professional athlete right to have an opinion and express it. The ironic thing is that Forte called Silverman a “twitter tough guy”, when in fact, that label would best describe Forte.

If Silverman is not allowed to criticize Forte since the radio host is not a professional athlete, then my suggestion to the Bears’ running back is to not be a hypocrite by contradicting yourself and criticizing Silverman. After all, Matt, you’ve never been a sports’ radio host.

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  • billhoidas

    Yikes another Rose Koolaid drinker! T. Its mainly been
    former pro athletes who don’t have to worry as much about personal PR anymore
    and can afford to be honest being almost 100% unanimous in saying that he can
    and should be playing. And oh yeah his doctors who are always going to be on
    the conservative side saying its ok also. Its become obvious that his
    appearance of being humble is purely the result of his lack of communication
    skills. His refusal to try and help the Bulls recruit James and Wade a few
    years ago and now refusal to help out his gallant teammates prove how
    self-centered he is. The one sorry thing is that if he decides he feels well
    enough to come back next year and plays great fickle fans will forget about the
    whole thing anyway.

    I believe his halting
    speech and introverted personality has been misinterpreted as humility. If he
    was so competitive he would be begging to go back in the lineup & he’s obviously
    not doing that. As far as being a good guy none of us know him so we have no
    idea what kind of guy he is. However there doesn’t seem to be any info out
    there verifying his philanthropy, etc. Having said all this I’ll say that at
    worst I’m correct on my observations at at best he is one very, very weird dude. In
    both cases that disqualifies him for a leadership role.

    Yes that’s him & his school had to forfeit all its
    victories 2007-2008. Another example of how self centered he is

    • Jordan_Campbell

      You bring up excellent points. In fact, I was having a discussion about this last night. People bring up too many excuses for Rose. But, the time to be making excuses is over. Rose is in the NBA and is his own man. He has to do things for himself and have things handed to him. And, there will be doubt in saying that Rose is the leader of this team. Because, throughout the playoffs, it is looking increasingly clear that Joakim Noah is the leader of this team.

  • StuManChu

    Could Rose be playing? Sure. Should he? I just don’t know. And I think Forte is somewhat right in his post. Not in the fact that no on should comment – that is what fans and media do. But at least in the fact that couch coaches often have little idea what they are talking about from a real life perspective and it is very easy to make decision for someone else.

    I’d love to see Rose playing in these playoffs but I am not sure how much he would really help even if he had come back at the beginning. And it would be devastating if he injured himself again (either a re-injury or even a new injury) in these playoffs.

    At 24, the couch coach in me would lean toward having him coming back next year. I would rather see another decade of contending for Championships than trying to make something out of this mostly lost season. If he was 34? I might think differently.

    • Jordan_Campbell

      That is the nature of being a professional athlete. You run the risk of getting injured every time you play. There is no doubt that Rose is physically healthy, his warm-ups before games prove that. And the way I see it is that if you are ready to play, then you should be playing. If not, then don’t be dunking and warming up before games.

    • PackLife24

      My thing w/ Rose is he’s taken twice the time a NFL player takes to come back from an injury an I’m sure he goes to the same docs that AP an RGIII went to. And basketball is no where near as physical as football is obviously, Im sure most fans werent asking Rose to go out there an kill him self but if he can shoot an dunk in warm ups an scrimage during practice he could of at least tried to play an see how he felt, my worry is that he’s going to psych him self right out of the league thinking hes still not ready come next season, as the old saying goes “when ya fall off the horse ya gotta get back on the horse”.

  • Dr. Johnny Nacho

    chicago media has too many talking heads…..

  • FatDicksRuleTheWorld

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  • FatDicksRuleTheWorld


  • PackLife24

    Forte should worry more about trying to win then slamming fans. An I dont remember Forte sticking up for Cutler like that after the Pack beat the Bears in the Championship game. What does he expect fans to say? Especially now a days when football players who have the same injury come back in the half the time Rose has took, an we can all agree that basketball is a lot more physical than basketball an the chance of injury is higher in football.

  • Nick

    Forte is a grown @$$ man, he can defend Rose – or anyone else for that matter – all he wants. If you can rip Rose without experiencing what Forte’s stating, then learn to take criticism back. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Like putting out a 150 character tweet means Forte isn’t focusing on his job, give me a break!! Anyone who is bashing Forte for tweeting support for Rose has issues. And if you aren’t bashing Rose for missing the season due to a torn ACL, then what are you offended about unless you are a bigot??? Forte obviously didn’t say the word “fans” anywhere in his tweet.

    Does anyone criticizing Forte spend their entire day working on their job without taking even 10 minutes for non-work related time? My guess is probably not, and if you do, then shame on you for even commenting on this matter or reading this article – get back to work. Forte is at OTA’s, doing his job. And I guarantee he is putting in more overtime for his job than a lot of the people criticizing him for putting out a tweet that probably took him 2 minutes to type.

    It’s ridiculous how this article blasts Forte for “targeting fans” – and that anyone could possibly jump on Forte without using your own judgement of his comment. And use this blogger’s opinion as if it’s gospel. Nice spin there Jordan Campbell, but he didn’t call out the fans. I’m pretty sure Adrian Peterson called Derrick Rose before the NBA season started and Patrick Kane has also commented – so the D-Rose circus kinda spilled into other sports a long time ago. I don’t know how many fans Forte is listening to, but I’m pretty sure every article you read or any mention of Rose on TV is negative about how he didn’t come back, how he is weak (even though he hardly ever got foul calls in his favor and kept playing) or how he is now all of a sudden a me-first person. That isn’t coming from the fans.

    Pretty clear to me he is probably targeting none other than the media – most of whom write (or “blog” in Jordan Campbell’s case) about sports they are covering yet have probably never even played at the high school level – not singling out you Jordan but I don’t think Forte’s opinion is inaccurate that you shouldn’t dish out criticism if you haven’t experienced it firsthand. And keyword: “Most”, not all in the media – I realize people like Charles Barkley and Shaq are in the media, but there are more unidentifiable writers than there are popular ones. I’m also pretty sure most of the former pro athletes in the media haven’t torn an ACL, and the ones who did probably did not come back or have the skill level prior to their injury as Derrick Rose has. Charles Barkley even said a while back that NBA players knees only hold up for so long – or something of the sort – so why in the world would we want Rose to rush back if he doesn’t feel ready? So he can end up like Grant Hill? Check out his story and see what happened to him after the “doctors cleared him to play”.

    And how did Forte “cross the lines of classy”? Did he threaten Silvy? No. Did he cuss at him? No. Did he challenge him to a fight? No, but it would have been a joke if he did. Silvy was borderline classless and did exactly what Forte accused him of – telling Forte how to do his job and acted like Forte tweeting means he is out of line. Maybe Silvy should keep his mouth shut and do a better job of getting his facts straight before doing HIS job (covering, not playing, sports) – since Forte did take to twitter to defend Cutler a whole whopping week after the injury. Forte may have had a “down” year, if 4.4 YPC and 1 lost fumble over 15 games is really a “down year” and makes Forte the problem with the 2012 offense, but I am pretty sure the real problem with their offense has been dealt with by the man in charge for the Bears. And Forte still happens to be there…

  • Tom Schwarz

    This article is stupid. Forte makes one remark, which by the way is an opinion, and Silverman instantly goes classless right from the start. He then continues to be classless throughout the whole interaction and when Forte rightfully calls him out on it, he’s the close minded one? Really? Was it that slow of a news day for you?

    I also hate it when people use that whole “he was defending his right to have an opinion” argument. “Rights” are a government thing. Unless Forte was calling the cops and having people arrested for speaking out against Rose, he did not infringe on anyone’s “right” to an opinion. That argument is akin to accusing a petty thief of offending your 2nd amendment right when he breaks into your house and steals your gun. It’s stupid.

  • Mike

    Surgery for a torn ACL can take a year to fully heal, and everybody heals at a different rate, some faster and some slower. While basketball may not be a physically punishing as football is, there is certainly no less strain placed on their knee joints with the running and cutting they do on the court. In fact, due to the unforgiving nature of the surface they play on, one could argue that the court is more demanding on the player’s knees then the grass of a football field would be. I think Forte’s tweet was on point. Unless you are a medical professional with knowledge of the athlete’s recovery progress or have been through the same situation yourself, you really have no basis upon which to form such criticism. Couch jockeys like Silvey would probably take well over a year just to return to their little pickup game at the neighborhood park, and would probably check out half way through said game crying about how their knee still hurt.