Derrick Rose Could have Made Life so Much Easier on Himself

It could’ve been so much easier. It really never had to come to all this nonsense if Bulls point guard Derrick Rose would have just made four very simple moves.

The first thing he should have done was just call a press conference back in February, saying more than likely that he would not be coming back at all in 2013. Telling the media he wants to be 100% healthy for the 2013-14 Season.

The second move he then should have made was not letting his brother Reggie talk for him. Rose is a grown man and not the 19 year old rookie he was a few seasons ago. Nobody should even know who his brother is, let alone letting him talk to the media on behalf of Derrick.

The third move he should have made was stopping going to only to the national media to release information. All that has done is piss off the local writers and allowed them to pound lumps on him every day in the Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune.

Derrick, you’re around the local writers like K.C. Johnson, Joe Cowley and David Haugh more than you are around the likes of Steven A. Smith and Michael Wibon from ESPN.

The fourth and final move is almost even more important than the first three combined. Stop warming up before games in front of all the media and fans. All it does is make your fan base think you’re ready to play and it allows the media to come up with more angles to beat you up on TV and radio. The media isn’t allowed into the United Center until 3:00 on game day anyway, so work out before then.

If Rose would have just done those four simple moves, he could have avoided this media circus and allowed his teammates to focus on the games, not Derrick Rose.

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