Dec 30, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Chicago Bears wide receiver Devin Hester (23) attempts to catch a punt against the Detroit Lions during 2nd Half of a game at Ford Field. Bears won 26-24. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Poll: Should Devin Hester Remain With The Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears had their first practice under new head coach Marc Trestman on Tuesday. Trestman immediately distanced himself from his predecessor Lovie Smith. Trestman did so with his handling of Devin Hester. Unlike previous coaching regimes for the Bears, Trestman’s coaching staff has not fallen for the hype machine that is Devin Hester. Trestman has announced that Hester will work exclusively as a kick returner for the Bears. Meaning, no longer will Hester be given the false identification of a wide receiver.

Hester is arguably the greatest kick returner in the history of the National Football League. However, Hester’s status of being a great kick returner has taken a hit in recent years due to his inclusion in the team’s offense. The Bears are hoping that a return to exclusive kick returning duties will bring with it the return of  one of the greatest kick returners to ever play the game.

With Hester now working exclusively as a kick returner, the question begs asking if the Bears should hold onto the kick returner for the 2013 season. Reasoning being that it makes little sense for the Bears to give a roster spot to a player who is exclusively a special teams player. To clarify, the Bears generally like players who can be flexible in terms of playing an offensive or defensive position as well as being a contributor on special teams. While Hester was once a great kick returner, it is reasonable to suggest that he will not be able to regain his top kick returning form. For the sake of this argument, lets say that Hester struggles as a kick returner this season. If Hester is not producing as a kick returner and he is not going to be a part of the team’s offense, then he would be no different from a paper-weight. That is why the Bears would be wise to trade Hester if the opportunity surfaces between now and the start of the 2013 NFL Season.

Is now the right time for the Bears to part ways with Hester? Vote in the poll and expand upon your thoughts in the comments section.

Should Devin Hester Still Be A Chicago Bear?

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  • metalhead65

    he was the best there was at returning kicks why would not want that on your team? it is not his fault the previous coaching staff tried to make him something he wasn’t but compiled that by never putting him in a position to suceed. why would you put the fastest player on your team at wide out then only throw screen pases to him? for God’s sake I mean Rex Grossman made benard berrian a rich man just by throwing the deep ball to him every play. why would they not do that with hester?

    • Jordan_Campbell

      There is no question that Hester was the best ever to return kicks. However, the fact remains we have not seen that in him for several seasons now. They said the same thing about Dante Hall until he was unable to be productive as a kick returner. For Hester, it is kick returner or bust. And given recent history, I’m more inclined to go with bust. I hope a return to exclusive kick-off returns signals a return to his game-changing abilities, but I can’t say that with confidence.

  • Nicholas Fisch

    The Bears, or any NFL team doesn’t have room for a player who is one-dimensional on ST and doesn’t play D or O.

    • Jordan_Campbell

      That is why, as I mentioned in the article, it would be best for the team to part ways with Hester. There simply is no room on a NFL roster for exclusive special teams players.

  • Antoine Collins

    This is a stupid question due to the fact that Hester hasn’t been able to be successful in our lack luster offense. Last time I checked, he wasn’t the problem on offense. What he offers us on kick offs and punt returns, there is no one in this game who commands the respect and give us the opportunity he gives us on special teams. It might be good for him to be excluded from the offense, I think even having him as a gunner would be a great idea but for him not to be a Bear because you cant use him at WR is dumb. Anytime you have someone on your team with this much talent and you cant find anything for him to do, the coaching needs to be terminated. Oh we did that already.