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In its first few months of existence, Da Windy City has begun to develop a following. To go along with that, Da Windy City staff is excited for 2013. While it is already April, I can assure you that Brandon Bender and myself have a number of additions and improvements to Da Windy City lined up for this year.

The first, and perhaps, most important improvement is increasing our presence on Social Media Networks. That is why I would like to announce the new twitter handle for Da Windy City. Be sure to click here and that will take you to the twitter profile for Da Windy City. The twitter handle for Da Windy City is @DaWindyCityFS. This is not going to be a mundane twitter handle where the only thing tweeted is links to the articles found on Da Windy City. On twitter, Da Windy City will feature live game updates, discussions on the latest Chicago sports topics, and interactions with all of our followers.

The trend does not stop there. Da Windy City can also be found on Facebook. By Clicking here, that will take you to the Da Windy City Facebook page. In this day and age, a sports blog needs to be up to date with the trends of social media. That would be why Brandon and I are excited about the launching and new-found emphasis on our social media networks.

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