NCAA Bracket 2013: Gonzaga Will Be The One To Cut Down The Nets

It is that time once again. March Madness is officially upon us. This is the time when people of all ages, sizes, and distinctions think that they are the true geniuses.  So while you recover during your sick day from work, take a look at who will win the NCAA College Basketall tournament.  Two teams that have impressed during this college basketball season have been Gonzaga and UNLV.  That is why it is in my opinion that Gonzaga and UNLV, along with Oklahoma State and Florida will be this year’s final four teams.  But, I’m not going to say that you should follow my bracket–unless, you want to win of course. Because I have spent countless hours–ehh maybe 30 minutes at most–studying each team in the tournament.  So here is to a tournament that is filled with buzzer-beaters, overtime games, and that one Cinderella team that catches everyone by surprise. But whenever the NCAA Tournament is around, it is hard to not think of Jim Valvano. So I can think of no better way to prepare myself for the tournament than by listening to one of Valvano’s many great speeches.

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